It really doesn't feel like my high school days were that long ago. (Even though they were!) And my friends from those days are always on mind. Even though we don't see each other often enough, social media gives us the chance to stay in touch and see our children growing up in posts and pictures. It seems a little strange that we now have children in high school. I'm certainly adjusting to having a high-school-aged, permit-driving, taller-than-me teenager in my house. That's hard enough. So my heart goes out to my friends who have seniors... in a good way of course. And little did I realize how starting a photography journey would grant me the perfect excuse to make plans with my friends, to see each other, hang out for a bit, and best of all, meet their kiddos in person. All this to say how wonderful it was to meet Aubrey, to see her in action, to spend some time getting to know her, to be totally impressed by her spirit and talents... and to help her celebrate such a fun milestone. Aubrey is already taking the world on full-force. She's very smart with talents that include everything theater, from acting and singing to stage management and lighting. Plus, she's great at making faces and being silly! It was such a pleasure to photograph Aubrey...and see her mom again. #blessings

Rishelle BarberComment