I'm not even sure where to begin with my little summary here . . . I used to say that I could never photograph weddings. I think that was just fear and doubt talking. Then my niece got engaged and she asked if I would be her photographer. She was engaged forever + a year and it seemed easy to say "yes, of course!" with all that time to get prepared. Soooo . . . I needed to shoot some weddings and get some experience! And as I was contemplating how to get on this wedding wagon, I was OUT-OF-THE-BLUE asked to shoot a wedding for a couple from my church. At the same time, an opportunity to take an online class specifically for photographing weddings came up {taught by an AMAZING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER --> BRE THURSTON} This was God working out the details and giving me the courage to go forward. And I've shot several weddings since. And I've loved them all! But to say how thankful I am to be Samantha & Colton's photographer is an understatement. I'm incredibly blessed and humbled to have been there, front and center, working to capture their wedding moments . . . and there were so many sweet moments <3 Seriously. These two were MFEO! 

Rishelle BarberComment