I'm not sure where to start with these next few sets of images that I want to share here in this little blog of mine. I can write short, punchy thoughts, but longer explanations are hard for me. But there's a lot to say about this experience I had in attending my first in-person workshop with a local photographer I admire so much. I met great people, I felt encouraged and I felt that I belonged. PS, Feeling like I belong is a rare thing for me. #personalhistory On top of everything, we had amazing people in an amazing setting to photograph. And by amazing, I do mean both beautiful and kind and fun. Real people. This cute couple brought their pup and he stole the show. He also added a touch of sweetness to a more intimate style of photos. And the location added the whimsy <3 I love these, I thought they would be beyond my comfort zone, but really, these are the kind of moments many couples would want to document at the beginning of their marriage. #lifestyle I love lifestyle photos. 

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